Time turn over

1 Nov

Weil Songtexte manchmal einfach besser sagen können, was in einem vorgeht!

Give me this day

All I ask of you  is time

Just one more day

Just one more day …

I´m lost in the dark

Without a road to travel on

Time turn over

Start again, start again

Time turn over

Find my way to you again

Words are unspoken

Buried so deep

Time they saw the light of day

Time they saw the light …

(Rebecca Lavelle)

Today the past is like a dress

I put it on and see myself

So strange just like a stranger

But I recognise the face …

(Rebecca Lavelle)

One day you think, it all comes right

One day, believe fate will be kind

But if you wait one day to long

You´ll lose what matters most, it will be gone …

Why did I wait, why do I always wait?

I want so much but then I freeze

Was that me?

I was invisible…

Oh, some are brave, but I´m not one of them

Oh, some speak up, but I have no voice

I want to dance, I want to sing for you

But I´m locked away…inside my heart

(Rebecca Lavelle)


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